Detailed Review of Inbox Blueprint

Inbox Blueprint is one of the latest internet marketing program designed by Anik Singal, a veteran online marketer who has achieved a lot in this field. It comes in form of a step-by-step guide aimed building online business through email marketing. It teaches how to create and grow email list subscribers from scratch. According to Anik, each subscriber in your list is a potential source of at least a dollar. For example, if you have 5000 emails in your list, in a month you can potentially make 5000 dollars. So, how does the program take you there? Read on this Inbox Blueprint Review to get more details of the program and how it can boost your online business.


What is contained in Inbox Blueprint?

Once you purchase Inbox Blueprint, you’re allowed into the member’s area where you will notice that the program is divided into 8 steps, which are put down as individual modules, documents and videos to guide you dive into online business success.

The modules are as follows: 

  1. Picking A Niche

Your online success starts with being in the right niche. This module guides on research to conduct so as to identify which niche is appropriate to invest in. There are resources provided, together with four critical questions to ask yourself before choosing a certain niche.

  1. Opt-In Pages

Designing effective opt-in pages comes after choosing the appropriate niche. This is a way of maximizing the number of subscribers you have in your list. You will get actual examples of well-performing opt-in pages to help you get a tangible feel of the whole thing. There are templates that are provided which you can copy and edit to make your own in a breeze.

  1. Secret Thank You Pages

With this module, you can learn how to monetize your list and give offers to your followers on Thank You pages.

  1. Autoresponder And Clicks Tracking

In this step, you will learn how to handle your subscribers and the importance of tracking clicks. How effective are the emails you send? How are people responding to them? Also, you can set up your first email campaign through this module.

  1. Email Marketing Strategy

This is a secret email strategy which shows the best four types of emails to send to your subscribers. This comes with three rules to follow carefully, as they can make or break your business.

  1. Increasing Your Profits

You get competitive intelligence from performers in your niche here. You will also get guidance on what to consider before giving your customers an offer.

  1. Getting Traffic

This step is supposed to show you how to secure yourself a huge traffic. You get to learn 8 simple traffic methods that are totally free plus Anik’s favorite paid methods for lots of traffic.

  1. Increasing Results

You can improve email delivery and entice more customers to open and read your emails through this module.


  • Headlines Subject lines and Power Words.
  • Email sampler
  • Opt-in page sampler.
  • Over-the-shoulder videos to help with technical steps.


  • Comes with lots of videos which make the technical steps simpler.
  • There are webinars held weekly.
  • Well-organized modules designed as a step-by-step guide for online business success.
  • Comes along with bonuses to comprehend the program.
  • 60 day money guarantee is provided.


  • It may seem overwhelming and complex to anyone without background or familiarity of internet marketing.


If you are looking for a way to succeed in internet marketing, this could be the program for you. Invest in the appropriate niche, build up email list subscribers and monetize them as you attract more traffic to your list. It comes with a money back guarantee in case you don’t like it anyway.

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