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Romeo as Blackboard
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Attendees at WebCT's Impact! 2006 conference react to the WebCT Blackboard merger jacvapour in this funny video montage.

This video clip of Blackboard as Romeo courting WebCT as Juliet was produced by a group of pre-conference workshop participants as part of a learning activity called Movie Madness. Movie Madness directs learners to produce new dialogue best e-cigarette uk centered on the target content area subject to be laid over a video clip. John Krutsch of Meta teaches with this activity, and organized the pre-conference workshop at WebCT Impact! 2006 out of which this video clip was born.

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Meta is dedicated to facilitating modern educational practices through the use of technology.

Meta provides K-12 and higher education e-cigarette reviews in the uk institutes with affordable instructional design and technology services and solutions, which we call flexknowlogyTM :

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